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About Us

Equine Solutions was established in 2014 in Cairo, Egypt to develop software and applications to serve the equine field in administration. It was founded by a group of equestrians with more than 20 years professional experience in organising equestrian events and managing sports affairs. Our mission is offering new technologies packed with excellent quality of support to serve those in Sport Management (Shows organising, Federations, Clubs & Riders). Our VISION is to get rid of paperwork and switch to the paperless environment via this flagship technology.


This system covers the smallest details in the art of administrating the International Equestrian Championships. The systems stages are that of pure simplicity negating the need for experts and eradicating the possibility of errors. FEI imported entry though to the veterinary inspection and rider declarations to the start list order and results reports including prize money calculations to facilitate show tracking.
The mobile app keeps organisers and riders updated by self login managing accounts from the show. IOC complies with all FEI articles so just one step to select an article and it will calculate the results and prize money. With printable statements for each rider via the finance module and sell your service and products to the riders in easy controllable way


This application is designed specifically to manage the affairs of the Federation, Clubs and to organise the calendar of National competitions.
Starting from registration of Clubs, horses, Officials and riders to publishing the league calendars and tracking every detail regarding horses data, riders and officials enabling publishing of results, league points and ranking online and handling all financials of competitions from subscription fees and all other services offered by the Federation. It is a web based and can be accessed by any internet user. The Application can be downloaded across all mobile platforms.

Smart Stable

Designed for equestrian clubs and centers that provide stabling for horses and offer products and services for owners such as veterinary treatment, feed…etc. You can create an account for each client so you can communicate and monitor accurate detailed information for transactions (products, services & livery).
It enables the Club Manager to track and operate in-house livery availability, dates of departure and arrivals. It is easy to use reducing the need for experts with accurate printable reports for each account.

IOC Features

Learn more about this feature packed App

Easy set up

Friendly interface

No More paper

All conected

ALl FEI Rules

Declaration through Mobile Application

Vet Inspection on IPAD

Track your Show by your phone

Full Financial System

And much more!

IOC Shows

Shows we Operated

Abu Dhabi - Longines FEI Jumping Nations CupTM

UAE President cup CSIO 5* 

From Feb 14, 2018 To Feb 17, 2018

FEI Group VII Finals & Sharjah International show jumping championship

FEI Group VII Finals  Children, Juniors,  young rider & Young horses 

From Feb 8, 2018 To Feb 10, 2018

H H Ruler of Sharjah Cup 2018

H.H Sharjah Ruler cup 2018 CSI5*W  , CSI2* , CSIO CH , CSIO J , CSIO Y & CSI YH

From Feb 1, 2018 To Feb 3, 2018

The Gulf Elite Tour

The Gulf Elite Tour CSI2* 

From Jan 25, 2018 To Jan 27, 2018

Dubai Show jumping championship 2018

Arab League world Cup qualifier  CSI5*W *  & CSI 2*  

From Jan 18, 2018 To Jan 20, 2018

Oman Group VII finals 2nd qualifiers

Oman Group VII Finals Qualifiers Children, Juniors & young Horses 

From Jan 16, 2018 To Jan 17, 2018


CSI 4* ,WEG Qualifier

Group VII Final Qualifers  CSI Y - A, CSI J-A,  , CSI CH -A & CSI YH 1* 

From Jan 11, 2018 To Jan 13, 2018

Abu Dhabi International show jumping championship 2018

CSI 4*W  &  Group VII Final qualifiers Children, Juniors, Young  riders and young horses 

From Jan 4, 2018 To Jan 6, 2018

Al Ain International show jumping world Cup Qualifier 2017

Arab League World cup qualifier season 2017- 2018 CSI3*W & CSI 1* 

From Dec 28, 2017 To Dec 30, 2017

Union Show jumping Cup 2017

Union Show Jumping Cup 2017 CSI 2* 

Total Prize money AED 350000

From Dec 21, 2017 To Dec 23, 2017

Syria Group VII Finals 2nd Qualifiers

Syrian Group VII Finals 2nd Qualifiers for Children, Juniors, and young riders

From Dec 1, 2017 To Dec 2, 2017

Amman Group VII finals 2nd Qualifier

Group VII Final Qualifier for Children, Juniors, and young riders 

From Nov 16, 2017 To Nov 17, 2017

Syria Group VII Finals Qualifiers

Syria Group VII Finals Qualifiers for Children, Juniors, and young riders 

From Nov 15, 2017 To Nov 16, 2017

Amman Group VII Finals qualifier

Group VII Final Qualifier for Children, Juniors, and young riders

From Nov 9, 2017 To Nov 10, 2017


First Young horses Qualifier

From Nov 2, 2017 To Nov 4, 2017


FEI Group VII  Children, Juniors & young riders  Qualifiers

From Sep 28, 2017 To Sep 30, 2017


FEI Group VII  Children  Final Qualifier 

From Sep 21, 2017 To Sep 23, 2017

UAE president Cup 2017 CSIO5*

UAE president Cup 2017 CSIO5* , CSI 2* , CSI J_A & CSICH-A

From Feb 15, 2017 To Feb 18, 2017

Sharjah International show jumping championships 2017

International Show jumping championships CSI 2* , CSI YH 1* , CSI J-A, CSI Y-A 

From Feb 9, 2017 To Feb 11, 2017

Al Ain International Show International World Cup Qualifier

CSI 3*W & CSI 1*  

From Feb 2, 2017 To Feb 4, 2017

Sharjah Ruler Cup 2017

World Cup Qualifier - Arab League Sharjah Ruler Cup 2017 

From Jan 19, 2017 To Jan 21, 2017


CSI 4* ,CSI Y - A,  CSI J-A,  , CSI CH -A & CSI YH 1*

WEG Qualifier    

From Jan 11, 2017 To Jan 14, 2017

Abu Dhabi International Show Jumping 2017

CSI 3* W - Arab League , CSI 1* YH & CSI J - A 

From Jan 5, 2017 To Jan 7, 2017

Union Show Jumping Cup 2016

Union Show Jumping Cup 2016 - CSI 2* at Al Ain Equestrian , gold and shooting club     

3 Levels Small Tour 125 cm , Medium Tour 135 cm , Big Tour 140 cm 
 Total Prize money AED 353200

From Dec 15, 2016 To Dec 17, 2016

Al Ain International Show jumping 2016

CSI 3*W &  CSI 1* 

From Feb 4, 2016 To Feb 6, 2016

Sharjah Tour Sharjah Ruler Cup 2016

CSI 3* , CSI 1* , CSI YH 1*, CSI CH -A, CSI j -A 

From Jan 21, 2016 To Jan 23, 2016

Sharjah Tour 2016 World Cup Qualifier

CSI 3* W , CSI 1* , CSI 1*YH, CSI J -A, CSI CH -A

From Jan 14, 2016 To Jan 16, 2016

Abu Dhabi International show Jumping Events 2016

Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club International show jumping events 


From Jan 7, 2016 To Jan 9, 2016

Sharjah Tour 2016

Sharjah Tour 2016 

CSI 2* & CSI YH 

From Dec 31, 2015 To Jan 2, 2016

Al Ain Show Jumping 2015

Union Cup 2015 

From Dec 17, 2015 To Dec 19, 2015

Kingdom Of Saudi 5*W

From Dec 3, 2015 To Dec 5, 2015

Kingdom Of Saudi International Show Jumping Championship

CSI 3*W  & CSI J 

From Nov 26, 2015 To Nov 28, 2015

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