About FEI Group VII Finals

Open for all FEI group VII riders and horses qualify from series of selected events organized by Group VII national Federations or organizing committees during equestrian season starting from season 2017-2018.

Welcome Message


Khaled bin Abdulla Al Khalifa

FEI 2nd VP & FEI Regional Chairman for Group VII

Let me begin by warningly welcoming all Athletes, Trainers and Horse owners to this important event – The FEI Group VII Series for Children, juniors, Young Riders &Young Horses. The FEI Group VII Series is a New Concept in our region and it is exclusively made to serve young age group riders and horses. Participation in the series is an important element in the development of the Equestrian Sport in the FEI Group VII region and through such experience; our athletes can participate in world class events. This is the first time that such combined championships are taking place in our region. The objective of the series is to provide the riders and horses the chance to compete in series of selected qualifying events at home and within the FEI Group VII Member Nations by the National Federations or the organizing committees during equestrian season starting from season 2017-2018. These selected events will enable the athlete to qualify to the Series Final, which will take place at Sharjah Equestrian and racing club for the next 3 years till 2020.

The Members of the FEI Group VII Technical committee and the series organizing committee have put a vast amount of time and effort into the development of this series. We all want high standards in place that serves the athletes and horse owners alike. To do that, we must work together. We are all very proud of what has been achieved and although we still have some work to do, we certainly have come a very long way spreading hope and continue to work to achieve new goals. I believe that the FEI Group VII has gained more perspective by launching this new concept. Last but not least, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all who started this initiative and made it happen.




Sultan Khalifa Alyahyaee


Ashraf Ellaithy

General Coordinator

Hussam Zummit